Pandora Radio Expands Musical Horizons

28 01 2009

The mythological Pandora’s Box was a large jar containing perils yet to be released on mankind – despair, sickness, and pure evil. The creators of Pandora Internet Radio at the Music Genome Project had something different in mind. What makes Pandora unique compared to most internet radio services is its automated cataloguing, by classifying each song or artist with over 400 musical attributes such as Acoustic Guitar Riffs or Blues Rock Qualities, Pandora constantly plays music with similar attributes.

In my opinion, Pandora is a musical gold mine. As someone who is constantly listening to music, I can satisfy that mid-afternoon urge to listen to some crunchy funk or I can dance like no one is watching to some boys bands, although you’ll never get me to admit that to my mates. Users can either purchase an advertisement-free subscription or register for free and put up with the banner ads. The site is restricted to IP addresses in the U.S., I was so disappointed last semester abroad.

From a marketing standpoint, users register with their age, sex, zip code and email, along with a database of music they’re into, which makes targeting for advertisers comprehensive and focused.

In the summer of 2008, Pandora released an application for the Apple iPhone and Touch. Since then, two million users have downloaded the app. Pandora is truly a phenomenal internet utility, the product has adapted to become mobile, has attracted big-spending national advertisers, and created community through the Music Genome Project and their blog site.

As a music lover, this site has become a top three visit. My musical horizons have expanded so much from all of the crunchy tunes that I have found.

Keep on rockin!




3 responses

29 01 2009

I love pandora! I discovered it last semester in my media class.

30 01 2009

Pandora has saved me at work. Plus, I now am a novice instead of an amateur when it comes to music taste. Awesome post!

3 02 2009

I love Pandora. I actually talked to a guy I’m indirectly connected with who was on the marketing team that launched the service… pretty cool thing to have been a part of.

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