Week 3 Recap

29 01 2009

So as Week 3 of classes comes a close there have been quite a few thoughts running through the old noggin.

-Wondering which group project is going to frustrate me the most and trying to figure out who the dead weight is going to be? Could it be a group project anomaly where everyone does what they’re supposed to do? I hope so.

-Still really excited to learn AdWords

-Still on the job hunt

-I find myself thinking about my classes more this semester. Having big projects for my last semester has caused me to take more ownership in my work. As the account planner/researcher for one of my classes, a lot of my time has been taken away from YouTube and Facebook and directed towards researching the auto supply industry, it’s kinda fun too.

-Rewatched Will Ferrell’s ‘The Landlord‘ Absolutely HILARIOUS!

-Bummed I missed the Kings of Leon show

-Stoked because I found a staircase with a rail in East Lansing that can grinded on my snowboard, with the proper protective equipment of course ; )

-I’ve been browsing through one of my favorite books, “Life of Pi” and reciting an important phrase “lack imagination and miss the better story” im comparison to “dry, yeastless factuality”. Originally, a thesis regarding religion but what about other applications?




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