Ingenex is the School of Rock for Social Media Rock Stars

4 02 2009

Three weeks into the eco-friendly internship at Ingenex I have learned heaps and as a fellow intern, Deepti, would say am on the fast track to becoming a social media rock star. We began by spiffing up our LinkedIn accounts and then set up a blog on WordPress, and were given assignments to write about along with some consumer research. I was a newbie to the blogosphere and it has definitely grown on me. I’m trying to change the world one post at a time. From our Friday meetings to the hour long car ride to Ann Arbor, everything has been very educational and fun. I feel lucky to be learning so much from Derek. He has students paying to learn the same material, so thanks for saving me money Derek.

Having this internship will definitely give me leverage when entering the job market in May. My experience at Ingenex will be a big interview talking point. I encourage all students of digital marketing to pursue this opportunity for future terms. Derek provides a comfortable atmosphere to learning his craft. He is very knowledgable of all things digital and very helpful. Probably one of the most connected individuals I’ve ever met, he’s probably updating his Twitter as I type ; )

The eco-friendly internship has also provided me the experience of learning from my colleagues as well. The other interns are very interesting and passionate about digital marketing. Having an intelligible conversation about industry trends is sometimes hard to come by at the university scene, but these guys know their stuff.

I am very excited about the weeks to come. Soon we will be learning Google AdWords, which really intrigues me. If you are a student reading this, you probably already know about Ingenex and should seriously consider applying. That is, if you wanna be a social media rock star.




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