Social Bookmarking: A Quick Glimpse

12 02 2009

I remember coming home for Thanksgiving my freshman year of college and checking my e-mail on my parent’s computer. I was a little confused why the monitor had a yellow ring of post-it notes around it that made it look as though the monitor was a source of heat. I came to find that the fresh bouquet of yellow post-it notes were websites that my Mom had written down to visit later. Parents do the darndest things with computers. Eventually, I was able to explain how to bookmark favorites to my Mom, it took a while, but I think she got it.

But what do you do when you have over five or so pages bookmarked, even after making folders, the sites can get misplaced and simply forgotten. Social bookmarking is an online solution to saving, organizing and managing your bookmarks that reduces clutter and is easy to use. Sites like Digg, Delicous and StumbleUpon are among the top social bookmarking sites that offer different utilities to organize your most-visited sites.

My bookmarking site of choice is StumbleUpon. Never again will wasting time on the Internet be the same. The neat thing about StumbleUpon is it gathers bookmarked sites from other users that pertain to tags in your pre-determined interest field. You can also browse bookmarks within different types of media: pictures, video, etc. and certain sites: YouTube, CNN, The Onion, The New York Times, US Government sites, etc. StumbleUpon¬† also offers a social networking utility as well but personally seems like a me-too app and offers no functionality that I don’t already have. I could care less about connecting with some random guy that is interested in snowboarding, that’s what friends are for.

Social bookmarking is also a great way to promote your website. By tagging your site with any social bookmarking program, you create backlinks to your site which in turn will increase traffic and get you indexed with Google more efficiently. In a world where everyone on the web is competing for traffic and websites can easily get lost in the shuffle, social bookmarking offers a supplementary solution to getting your website noticed.




One response

13 03 2009
mary maurer

I need a lot more updating, post-its have emerged back into my life. Thanks for the reference; am I famous now? Can I send this to all my friends?

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