Super Bowl Advertisers Drop the Online Search Ball

5 02 2009

It’s been almost a week since the dust has settled from advertising’s biggest day,  Super Bowl Sunday and industry guru’s have had the chance to crown the winners and shame the losers. But in the digital age how do you crown a winner? Are we still gauging a spots success on recall? What is to be said of web traffic or search results? Nielson IAG indexed the Budweiser Clydesdale Stick spot as both the most-liked and the most-recalled. According to comScore ranked second as the top gaining Super Bowl advertiser in web traffic, behind GoDaddy.

Dropping $3 million on a spot surely makes any marketing manager a little nervous. So why did so many advertisers in the Super Bowl not follow up their big media buy with some sort of search-marketing plan? Some advertisers didn’t even show up in the first page of a Google search. According to an article on Advertising Age’s website, only one in five advertisers had a specific call to action to their website. However, 65% of the advertisers bought search terms related to their commercials. Slogans that advertisers spent $100,000 per second to brand were still available on Google after Sunday. How are these guys not getting the message? I can imagine a good percentage of Super Bowl watchers that are sitting in their living rooms watching the game with a computer in their lap. The fact that research companies are doing the research says one thing, but that advertisers could completely ignore the importance of making the online-offline connection is just annoying for someone in my fourth year of being in MSU’s advertising program, one word could epitimize what I’ve been taught—digital(group project is a close second).

Some of my favorite spots of the Super Bowl were Pepsi’s ‘Forever Young’, any montage that includes Bob Dylan, Bruce Lee, John Belushi and surfing has my vote. The split screen images transcended generations to relate back to the way Pepsi has branded themselves for the past four or so decades-the drink of your generation. The spot had a fresh, hip vibe that Gen Yer’s could appreciate and Baby Boomers could reminisce about.

Another spot I really liked was Hulu, not because of the creative or because I am a particular fan of Alec Baldwin(truthfully, before 30 Rock I despised him) but because the site is getting some mainstream attention. I was in a room of 12 people and only 2 knew what Hulu was, including myself.  In case you didn’t know before the Super Bowl, Hulu is a premium content streaming video that launched in March 2008 and is only currently offered in the United States. Although, it would not be in direct competition with YouTube, Hulu’s main reason for existence is in response to the demand for professional content to be regulated after copyright claims were brought against YouTube in recent years. Time will tell whether Hulu will be making the push for time slots on mainstream television, but their somewhat creepy spot last Sunday definitely raised some eyebrows.


Ingenex is the School of Rock for Social Media Rock Stars

4 02 2009

Three weeks into the eco-friendly internship at Ingenex I have learned heaps and as a fellow intern, Deepti, would say am on the fast track to becoming a social media rock star. We began by spiffing up our LinkedIn accounts and then set up a blog on WordPress, and were given assignments to write about along with some consumer research. I was a newbie to the blogosphere and it has definitely grown on me. I’m trying to change the world one post at a time. From our Friday meetings to the hour long car ride to Ann Arbor, everything has been very educational and fun. I feel lucky to be learning so much from Derek. He has students paying to learn the same material, so thanks for saving me money Derek.

Having this internship will definitely give me leverage when entering the job market in May. My experience at Ingenex will be a big interview talking point. I encourage all students of digital marketing to pursue this opportunity for future terms. Derek provides a comfortable atmosphere to learning his craft. He is very knowledgable of all things digital and very helpful. Probably one of the most connected individuals I’ve ever met, he’s probably updating his Twitter as I type ; )

The eco-friendly internship has also provided me the experience of learning from my colleagues as well. The other interns are very interesting and passionate about digital marketing. Having an intelligible conversation about industry trends is sometimes hard to come by at the university scene, but these guys know their stuff.

I am very excited about the weeks to come. Soon we will be learning Google AdWords, which really intrigues me. If you are a student reading this, you probably already know about Ingenex and should seriously consider applying. That is, if you wanna be a social media rock star.

Week 3 Recap

29 01 2009

So as Week 3 of classes comes a close there have been quite a few thoughts running through the old noggin.

-Wondering which group project is going to frustrate me the most and trying to figure out who the dead weight is going to be? Could it be a group project anomaly where everyone does what they’re supposed to do? I hope so.

-Still really excited to learn AdWords

-Still on the job hunt

-I find myself thinking about my classes more this semester. Having big projects for my last semester has caused me to take more ownership in my work. As the account planner/researcher for one of my classes, a lot of my time has been taken away from YouTube and Facebook and directed towards researching the auto supply industry, it’s kinda fun too.

-Rewatched Will Ferrell’s ‘The Landlord‘ Absolutely HILARIOUS!

-Bummed I missed the Kings of Leon show

-Stoked because I found a staircase with a rail in East Lansing that can grinded on my snowboard, with the proper protective equipment of course ; )

-I’ve been browsing through one of my favorite books, “Life of Pi” and reciting an important phrase “lack imagination and miss the better story” im comparison to “dry, yeastless factuality”. Originally, a thesis regarding religion but what about other applications?

Pandora Radio Expands Musical Horizons

28 01 2009

The mythological Pandora’s Box was a large jar containing perils yet to be released on mankind – despair, sickness, and pure evil. The creators of Pandora Internet Radio at the Music Genome Project had something different in mind. What makes Pandora unique compared to most internet radio services is its automated cataloguing, by classifying each song or artist with over 400 musical attributes such as Acoustic Guitar Riffs or Blues Rock Qualities, Pandora constantly plays music with similar attributes.

In my opinion, Pandora is a musical gold mine. As someone who is constantly listening to music, I can satisfy that mid-afternoon urge to listen to some crunchy funk or I can dance like no one is watching to some boys bands, although you’ll never get me to admit that to my mates. Users can either purchase an advertisement-free subscription or register for free and put up with the banner ads. The site is restricted to IP addresses in the U.S., I was so disappointed last semester abroad.

From a marketing standpoint, users register with their age, sex, zip code and email, along with a database of music they’re into, which makes targeting for advertisers comprehensive and focused.

In the summer of 2008, Pandora released an application for the Apple iPhone and Touch. Since then, two million users have downloaded the app. Pandora is truly a phenomenal internet utility, the product has adapted to become mobile, has attracted big-spending national advertisers, and created community through the Music Genome Project and their blog site.

As a music lover, this site has become a top three visit. My musical horizons have expanded so much from all of the crunchy tunes that I have found.

Keep on rockin!

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23 01 2009

Social Networking: A Utility Not Worth Avoiding

23 01 2009

Driving home to Michigan from Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration on Wednesday took 12 hours. On the way back, I was soaking in the historic moment I had just experienced and thinking about why Obama’s campaign in 2008 was so successful. Surely, his campaign platform riding on his coolness and young ideals gave him a distinct advantage but there was something else. It was his utilization of the Internet, more specifically, social networking on the Internet that allowed him to expand his network to the masses, he currently has 4,040,814 supporters on his Facebook page, me being one of them. President Obama is the first Presidential candidate to use the Internet as a primary media vehicle, definitely won’t be the last and is a perfect example of the utility that social networking can provide to anyone–from Wall Street to Main Street.

Another example of the effectiveness of social networking is how I landed the gig writing for this blog. After posting a short response to the Spring 2009 Internship Openings page, I was contacted by my current boss telling me to connect with him on Facebook, so he could get to know me better. I obviously wasn’t too big of a creep because today I have an internship in an exciting field.

In today’s business climate, avoiding social networking could be a big Howard Dean “BIIIIIYYYYAAAAWWWWW” to your carrer, it could ruin your campaign and make it a YouTube laughingstock. Sites like LinkedIn, are more increasingly becoming trafficked by human resource managers that use the site to find future employees, and allow access to connections between professionals by a network of direct, second and third degree connections. Sites like LinkedIn also provide a forum where business professionals can come together to share ideas within their field. For example, a question posted on LinkedIn titled ‘Using EVM(Earned Value Management) in your professional field of work?’ received 19 replies in less than five days (If any of my blogs ever receive 19 replies, I would be ecstatic). There are even professional companies that will create company profiles for businesses and their employees on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Social Harbor is one of these comanies that just started in Ann Arbor, MI, visit for more details. In the mean time, tweet up, get recommended, poke that special someone and get connected!logo