Update on Facebook Abstinence

19 03 2009

30 days since I made my last Wall Post and hit logout on Facebook, I have held strong. I haven’t really been that tempted. Prior to Fat Tuesday, Facebook consumed on average 34 minutes and 48 seconds of my day. By my estimations, that’s not that much time. But what have I been missing out on? Who’s written on my wall? What party invitations will go unchecked? And what about the pokes, oh the pokes. So much mystery. Honestly, that time lost has been compensated on other other social media sites, primarily Twitter. I’m about 80% full-Twitterfied, last week I added 12seconds.tv to my Twitter, this week I downloaded TweetDeck, and tomorrow I will attend my first Tweetup.

So it’s like I gave up Twinkies and started eating Ho-Ho’s.


Micro-Vlogging Site ’12seconds’ Piggy-backs on Twitter

27 02 2009

There’s nothing worse than watching vlogs(video blogs) of people who a) are uninteresting b) creepy c) are not making a fool of themselves d) especially d)talk too long. The whole time you’re sitting there thinking to yourself, “why am I watching this?” Or, “watching this could make me sterile”. So what does that mean? We need a new social networking website, as if we didn’t have enough. 12seconds is a micro-blogging site that takes a crack at making vlogging short and sweet, 12 seconds sweet. Currently in alpha testing, it remains to be seen whether 12seconds will pry lonely teenagers across the globe from YouTube, it adds a video dimension to the micro-blogosphere(that’s the first time I ever say blogosphere, and hopefully the last). Users can post from either a webcam or their mobile phone and integrate their videos into a blog, website, Twitter feed, amongst others.

My first post was a video from a concert I went to last summer(Brendan from Umphrey’s McGee and Al from .moe if you’re interested) and took about 5 minutes to upload from the time I hit ‘send’. Potential 12second users could be rudimentally grouped into two categories: those who use it to share with friends, family and colleagues and those who use the site as their soap box because their therapist told them to get out and express themselves. Let’s hope the latter just sticks to YouTube.

Multimedia message on 12seconds.tv

Multimedia message on 12seconds.tv

12seconds can be fully integrated into a TweetDeck and the layout of the site is modeled after Twitter. In a blog post from the creators, they seemed like very big Twitter advocates and explained how they were not attempting to compete with them, but more so piggy-back off them. I also doubt that 12seconds could sway a substantial audience away from YouTube, because its applications are so narrow.

Because the site is currently in alpha testing, round one of two in quality assurance, the developers have set up a voting page for upcoming applications, settings, etc. One of the topics being voted on was privacy settings and whether videos would be featured on the homepage without notifying the user. I think keeping this trust is crucial to the viability of 12seconds, nobody wants to be the next Star Wars kid. I was disappointed when I was able to sign out and search for my username, mine came up, making me think how by some chance my post could wind up on their homepage. My next thought was to check out some of the posts on the homepage, just to see who was embarrassing themselves and unfortunately didn’t come up with anything great. My next thought was a Scrubs-ish daydream of a bunch of derelicts crowded around a laptop busting chops from seeing me ball my eyes out.

The big question is whether 12seconds will make some traction and become a social media powerhouse. I think it will have a hard time stepping out from Twitter’s shadow, everyone seems to be all over it at the moment. Is 12seconds a really cool addition to the mess we call social networking? Yes. Do I think I’ll be posting vlogs as much as check my Facebook? No. Will we be talking about 12seconds 5 years from now? Maybe.