Update on Facebook Abstinence

19 03 2009

30 days since I made my last Wall Post and hit logout on Facebook, I have held strong. I haven’t really been that tempted. Prior to Fat Tuesday, Facebook consumed on average 34 minutes and 48 seconds of my day. By my estimations, that’s not that much time. But what have I been missing out on? Who’s written on my wall? What party invitations will go unchecked? And what about the pokes, oh the pokes. So much mystery. Honestly, that time lost has been compensated on other other social media sites, primarily Twitter. I’m about 80% full-Twitterfied, last week I added 12seconds.tv to my Twitter, this week I downloaded TweetDeck, and tomorrow I will attend my first Tweetup.

So it’s like I gave up Twinkies and started eating Ho-Ho’s.


40 Days and 40 Nights Without Facebook-I’ve Gotta Find Some Good Books To Read

27 02 2009

Although I consider myself in the Christmas and Easter only kind of church goer, I still give something up last year for Lent. Last year I gave up being awesome, it didn’t last long(totally kidding). This year I narrowed it down between shots at the bar or Facebook. Deciding that my social life has taken a dive because of my crazy workload has kept me away from East Lansing watering holes, I went with Facebook. Two days after Fat Tuesday, I caved…BUT it was for a good cause, I had to reply to a message from someone who worked at a company I am interviewing with. Age-old traditions shouldn’t stand in the way of my career, right? A slippery slope indeed.

I am determined to stick with my commitment. If the J Man could last 40 days and 40 nights without food in the desert, this couldn’t be that tough, could it? Besides, I still have my buddies LinkedIn, Twitter, this blog, not to mention e-mail and I just registered for 12seconds, a micro-vlog, to get me through. After accounting for as much time as I spend on Facebook, abstaining will give me anywhere from an extra 30 minutes to 2 hours, imagine the things I can do with that time!

So, I’ll be sure to post an update in the next month or so and tell about the temptations, relapses and disconnects as a result of being apart from my interactive social network. Even the fact that I considered giving up Facebook speaks volumes about our digital world. It makes me wonder if parents are grounding their children from sites like Facebook and MySpace as a punishment. So as I embark on this journey into the desert of Disconnectia, wish me luck. I plan on returning with fresh insight and a deeper appreciation for the digital sphere we live in.